DVIUtils Version 2

The programs described herein are not yet available (as of 19th April 1995), due to a changing brief for the project, and pressure of real work; they will be appearing on the CTAN servers when they are finished.

As of 23rd August 1997 they are still not available, due to even more pressure of real work, and lack of information about some proposed standards for TeX's \special commands. The working source in its incomplete state will soon be uploaded to dviutils2.tar.gz

This is the second release of my DVIUtils programs, for manipulating TeX's DVI format files. The first release required the SeeTeX library to run; these programs are now entirely self-contained.

These programs come with NO WARRANTY, implied or express. Use at your own risk.

The programs contained are:

Converts editable form of DVI files to binary
Page rearrangement for booklet printing
Concatenate DVI files
A DVI page imposition utility (*)
Page selector and re-arranger
Colour separate a DVI file (*)
Display information in DVI file
Converts DVI files to a readable and editable form
More general page imposition (*)
Turn each page into a character in a virtual font
Expand virtual font definitions
The programs marked (*) may insert or alter \special commands in the DVI file; the commands used are a subset of those recognised by Tomas Rokicki's dvips driver.

These utilities have been compiled under various flavours of Unix (SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.3), MSDOS and Windows NT. If you make changes to work under any other operating systems, please let me know.

Note: the programs in this archive are copyright (C) Angus Duggan 1994-1995. They may be freely redistributed without modification, as long as copyright notices are preserved.