BBC Software

This is a list of some of the BBC microcomputer software written by me which is publically accessible.
A hierarchical disc filing system for BBC computers using the 8271 floppy disc controller chip. Features of HDFS are that it is fully DNFS compatible, can use both sides of double-sided drives to enlarge the storage space, and has enhanced support for second processors.
Elite 3
A major modification of the popular space-trading game.
A compatibility module for the Music 5000 system, which allows old Music 500 programs to be run.
An Envelope and Waveform modification module for the Music 5000 systhesiser system. This module provides primitives to modify envelopes and waveforms, which can be used by more sophisticated graphical front ends.
This is a program for managing auto-boot menus for BBC Microcomputer discs. It allows the commands required to run a program to be written in an easy-to-understand ASCII file.
This is a PC program for adding files to BeebEm disc images.
XFer in C
This is a re-write of Mark de Weger's XFer package for transferring files between the BBC microcomputer and a PC. XFer in C requires a BBC microcomputer with an RS423 interface, and a machine running Win32 (Windows 95/98/NT/2000) or Linux with a spare serial port. It transfers the BBC's file attributes along with the files, and can also download BBC discs as disc images. XFer in C has the advantage that it is open-source.

It can be downloaded as a gzipped tar file from xferc.tar.gz or as a ZIP file from Binaries for both x86 Linux and Win32 are provided in both archive formats.

The source code for the development version of XFer is available by anonymous CVS in a read-only repository at, checkout module ``xferc'' with password ``anonymous''. Note that this version is not guaranteed to compile on any particular day, but should be stable most of the time.

An EPROM Programmer for the BBC Microcomputer
I designed and built an EPROM programmer for the BBC micro in about 1985. I have now documented the project, and provided circuit diagrams and software for the programmer. An archive containing the PDF documentation, PostScript circuit diagram, assembled software and 6502 assembler source code is available at To help prospective builders, I have taken photographs of the programmer, the component side and track side of the vero-board that I built.